The Roadmap to Using Videos in Your ABM Strategy [Infographic]

It was an easy decision for Vidyard to include video in our ABM strategy. We have learned many valuable lessons about what types of videos work and which ones don’t. Video is so versatile, you can use it in every aspect of your account-based marketing strategy (ABM). Personalized sales videos, video email nurtures and demo videos can be used to target key accounts and create outreach opportunities.

This is why we have created an easy-to-follow guide on how to use video at every stage of your ABM strategy. Get in your car and prepare your road trip playlist. Don’t forget your app for your video camera. We’re going to help you get started on your journey.

Here’s how to use video in your ABM strategy

A visual roadmap of where to put video in an an ABM strategy

Get The Roadmap to Using Video in Your ABM Strategy infographic.

8 ways video fits into an ABM strategy

Cold Outreach Video

Video makes your cold outreach stand out from all other text-based emails in prospect’s inbox.

If you are creating a video message to cold-reach key account decision-makers, be sure to highlight your knowledge about the account and its business. Only share content that is relevant to the account decision-maker. Video analytics can be helpful because you can track each view and score the account.

Video Email Nurtures

A video email nurture campaign’s purpose is to send a series emails to prospects or subscribers based on how they interact with your other assets (e.g. marketing content, sales conversations, ads).

Video emails can generate higher engagement than text-based messages.

Videos for Retargeting Accounts

Retargeting ads can be launched at leads who reach a certain view threshold when you use a video email nurturing. Retargeting ads will be shown to contacts who have previously visited your website or are in your database. This means that if they have previously engaged with you, they will be shown targeted ads for your company on websites and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Retargeting ensures that you are showing the best content to the right audience at right times and that you don’t waste a lot of money on cold leads.

Personalized Video at the ccount-Level

Instead of focusing on one person, you can reach multiple people with a personalized video that is specific to your account. While it still feels personal, it can also save you a lot of time. Addressing a particular account problem can help increase engagement on a large scale and maintain white-glove treatment. You can also track viewer analytics if your enterprise video platform uses it. This will allow you to see who viewed and how long.

Online Video Platform for Businesses

Learn More. Enterprise video sharing and hosting that is tailored to your needs.

Create custom video playlists

You can customize pre-existing content, such as demo videos, case studies, or customer stories, by creating a custom video introduction for a curated playlist. A quick introduction video of the content should be recorded for 30 seconds. This will explain the content and its value to them. Next, include a call-to-action in the video to direct them to the content. If it’s on your website, or in a playlist, make sure that the next video addresses the content. Pre-existing content can be introduced using video to maintain a personal connection with prospects.

Video on Direct Mail and Gifting

Direct mail and gifting are great ways of personalizing and scaling account-level marketing. Video can be used to elevate gifting and direct mailing.

Make sure you show the gift thumbnail when creating gift videos. The recipient will be attracted to the gift by seeing it in the video. After all, who doesn’t like a personalized message and a gift?

Follow-up Demo Videos

Demo videos show viewers how to set up software or how to explain complex topics. This video is an excellent example of a video that can be scaled and repeated in many different ways.

Marketing-Produced Video

Marketing-produced videos are a must for any video marketing strategy. These videos will help customers recognize you and your products. Your brand’s identity will be enhanced by having marketing-produced videos that you can use for your website, social networking ads, and target-account-level prospecting.

Get the Roadmap to Begin Planning Your ABM Strategy

You can see how video fits into your ABM strategy. With this handy roadmap you will be able to quickly press record. To get started in video selling, you don’t have to produce high-quality videos. Take your time and get comfortable with the camera before you start creating content. You will need a webcam, mobile device or microphone, and the Vidyard Extension.

The Roadmap to Using Videos in Your ABM Strategy [Infographic]

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