These 6 Sales Scenarios Will Work Better With Videos Over Emails

Many marketers and sales executives think that the only way to make a persuasive message is by having the right content: strong evidence, relatable example, and valid reasoning. According to Marshall McLuhan the famed communication theorist, “the medium is the message”. The power of the content is in the medium by which it’s shared. The weaker the medium the weaker its content and effect. When a video is included in an email, click-through rates increase by 200%-300%. Around 60% of executives also agree that they prefer video over text if there is a choice between the two.

Videos have become an integral part of sales. Let’s first learn what video emails are, and why they are better than text emails.

Why traditional email strategies are no longer sufficient?

Statistics show that a typical executive receives 120 emails per day. Around the world, around 333 billion emails with text are sent and received each day. The average email opening rate is 18% and can even drop to 1% depending on the day. Shocking, right? Videos are an excellent way to increase sales, build trust, and communicate through email.

We will also discuss the potential of video email at each stage of the sales funnel, and how to be the next game-changer by creating video messages that are memorable in your recipients’ inboxes. We will also discuss six scenarios in which videos perform better than text-based emails.

We are going to look at 6 scenarios in which video emails can be a better choice than text messages.

1. First prospecting grabs their attention

A McKinsey study found that “email outreach has 40 times the power of social media”. Text emails, however, are losing their appeal because they are not personalized and are often found in spam folders. They also do not capture the attention of readers. More than 70% of experts think that video emails outperform text.

The sales process for any business begins with building a rapport and then converting that relationship into a potential client. Hippo’s video-flow feature could help you achieve this. You can insert a prospect’s LinkedIn page, or any other website page, to personalize your video proposal. Imagine you’ve found a potential client looking at your G2 page and want to contact them. A cold email with black and white text may seem like an acceptable solution, but your recipients will respond better to a video pitch.

Sample video showing how Hippo Video users use video over email for prospecting.

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Emails with Business Proposal Videos

In sales, trust is everything. Video is a must in today’s digital world. Video allows you to explain complex information in an engaging, easy-to understand way. You can use video to demonstrate your product, its features and its benefits. It is also an excellent opportunity for prospects to share all the details and video with other decision makers. Video emails can also speed up the sales process, and help the prospect understand it better. This link will show you how to improve your sales by adding important elements to your video email. Here is an example of a sales proposal video.

Sample video showing how Hippo Video users use videos over emails for send business proposal.

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3. Meeting Invitation and Summary

As a sales representative you will need to stay in touch with your prospective clients after the video pitch. You can include a link inside the video to update the client’s calendar. Sending a video reminding the prospect of the meeting can also reduce the rate of no-shows and increase the conversion. Sending a video with the minutes from the meeting, along with the PDFs and desired documents can speed up the sales process. Take a look at this perfect example on how to invite a client to a meeting and then follow up with them.

Sample video showing how Hippo Video users use video over email for sending across meeting invites.

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4. Out of Office Video Responses

You don’t want to waste all the time and effort you put into building up a relationship with a prospective client, only to have to restart from scratch when you return. Out-of-Office messages (OOOs) can save you (metaphorically) from the pain of having to start over. The OOO message must be a standout and provide a bridge between the average and the advantageous. Add a video signature and an automated video to your email. Provide the contact details of someone on your team who prospects can contact until you become OOO. This is an example video message that should be sent to your prospects.

Sample video showing how Hippo Video users use video over email for Out-Of-Office videos.

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5. Follow-Ups

The video follow-up system changes the dynamics of sales. If you are a good salesperson and have made a fantastic proposal, if the client has not been followed up on regularly, then the deal will die. According to research, the optimal number of emails for follow-up is 2-3. This is when actual sales start. This is when you convert your prospective customer into a paying customer. You can remind your client about the USPs that you offer and how valuable you are to their business through a video. You only need to create a great follow-up plan and implement it as soon as the video pitch has been released. This is an example on how to embed videos into follow-up emails.

Sample video showing how Hippo Video users use video over emails for follow-ups with prospects.

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6. Answering Common Questions

You can encourage clients to make a decision by answering frequently asked questions. A survey found that 70% of buyers expected businesses to offer a self-service section on their website. According to the Customer Lifecycle Survey by Forrester, “Buyers use the FAQ section as often as they speak with a customer executive on the phone.” Instead of just written blogs, this FAQ section could have a video hub such as Hippo Video. This will increase engagement and provide valuable insights. According to the Harvard Business Review, online sales increased when customers were able to easily locate information about products and services on the website’s FAQ section.

You can show off your creativity by using video. Use numbers, visuals and quirky language to convey your message to visitors.

Sample showing how to send video over text for FAQ section.

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Final Thoughts

It is important to use all available information in order to make the business world more engaging and convenient. By keeping in mind the scenarios above, you can create a sales procedure that includes video emails.

You can easily create video emails with a powerful tool such as Hippo. To learn how to create amazing video emails, book a demonstration today.