This Growing Social Media Media Marketing Agency Rocks Agorapulse’s Linked Calendars

Growing Agencies Need a Scalable Social Media Tool

Katherine George, the founder of Oh So Social is an international social media marketing agency that has won multiple awards.

Oh So Social, like many other growing agencies, realized that finding the right social scheduler software was a challenge as they scaled up. Katherine quickly realized that her business needed a reliable and scalable social media tool in order to continue its growth.

“Finding the right social network scheduler software has been a constant challenge for us. It’s been difficult to find software that does not crash, integrates with everything and has a great support system. Also, it is affordable.

Agencies need to take these factors into consideration when looking for a solution to allow their staff to manage the social media accounts of clients.

Katherine stated that after trying every other tool on the market, Oh So Social found Agorapulse. It is a tool that is “simple and comprehensive” yet reliable.

Seamless Client Approvals that Make Your Clients’ Lifes (and Yours!) Easier

Katherine and her team were attracted to Agorapulse by its shared calendars feature when they started exploring the social media management tool.

It can be hard to establish a client-agency collaboration that works for both sides. Clients want full visibility into the agency’s brand activities and may even wish to comment on any content produced by the agency. Agencies don’t want their clients to be unable to see what’s going on in the agency’s head and have to wait to get feedback.

Social Media Winners: Shared Calendars Win for gencies

Katherine and her team adopted the Shared Calendars to give their clients the opportunity to participate in content creation, provide feedback and see their brand’s social media presence. They can also do this without having to use other tools such as spreadsheets or Google documents.

Katherine says that having the agency’s social media processes centralized on one platform was crucial for her business in order to improve efficiency and save time. Katherine also noted that clients found it easier to get onboarded onto the platform, and she loved the Shared Calendars right away.

“The Shared Calendars feature of Agorapulse literally saves your life. It saved us hours of work! They were shown to our clients and they said that it was the best content approval process.

(Here’s an instructional video on shared calendars.

Oh So Social can now save time by using a collaborative content approval process. This allows clients to see that Oh So Social invests in high-quality software, where brands are protected, and strategies are supported by industry experts.

life with shared calendars from agorapulse

Oh So Social now has a shared calendar by Agorapulse.

Give clients final say Agencies have two options. They can publish first, and then clients can comment or reject on scheduled posts. Agencies can also schedule content so that clients don’t need to send emails back and forth. Agencies can also keep all content-related conversations in one location and allow clients to ask specific questions about content that is being reviewed by them.

shared calendar example

Social Media Management Made Easier

Oh So Social has seen a significant increase in their use of Agorapulse since they first started to use it. This means that a powerful tool for managing social media is more important than ever.

Agorapulse is not only used for client approvals; there are other key features that Agorapulse offers that allow agencies to centralize their social media tasks.

header image for conquer social media inbox

Monitor their social media presence

Teams can understand the perceptions of brands on social media better.

They can also conduct:

Listening to Facebook

Responding to conversations

This international agency is dependent on community management. The section of community management helps to ensure that they don’t lose anything.

These are some tips for building a community on social media.

Internally assigning tasks

Collaboration with other members of the team in the platform fosters transparency and efficiency.

How your team can excel in social media collaboration

Reporting on the goals

They can use tools to analyze their social media performance and give their clients clear data about their success.

Agorapulse loves to help agencies and social media managers create detailed social media reports, without going crazy.

These are the essential elements to include in your social media reports. Prepare for end-of year social media reports. Follow this step-by–step guide to Power Reports.


The agency’s growth has been accelerated by the use of these Agorapulse features and Oh So Social’s expertise with social media marketing.

“Agorapulse helped us to grow tremendously. The Shared Calendar feature is a great addition to our business. It saves us time and effort. And it actually provides a huge return on our investment. Agorapulse is a great tool.

Get Agorapulse for free! It will help you plan, track, measure, and manage all your social media efforts.