TikTok 15 Creative Tips: How to Edit Videos

You’ve spent hours on TikTok, creating your For You page and explaining to others that TikTok is not too old. You are now ready to start your own. The first step is to create your own video. Learn how to edit videos using Tiktok.

It can be daunting to learn and follow the editing rules, unwritten rules, best practices, and other guidelines for creating videos for TikTok. TikTok is easy to use, and you don’t even need to be a professional in video production.

We’ve collected 15 creative tips to help you get started with your TikTok creator journey.

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How to film TikToks

TikTok offers two ways to create videos:

Filming with your camera, and editing the video using an external appFilming in the TikTok app

You can also add photos or videos to your camera roll and edit them in the TikTok application.

These are our top tips to create visually captivating TikTok videos, regardless of whether you’re using the native app or your smartphone camera.

If you are just starting to use TikTok, our beginner’s guide to TikTok will help you set up your account and navigate the platform.

1. The countdown timer can be used

You can set a countdown timer within the TikTok app that will count down for 3 or 10 seconds before the camera begins recording.

This feature allows you to record clips hands-free. After clicking the plus icon at bottom of screen, you can access the timer.

countdown timer on TikTok

2. You can use filters, templates, or effects (like the greenscreen)

TikTok has many effects for video, including transition templates and filters.

Some features are only available when you are filming video content in the app. Others can be used to prerecorded clips.

The Green Screen is a popular effect that allows you to use any photo or video as background. TikTok creators use this effect often to record themselves responding to something, create clones of themselves, or voiceover narration.

You can use the green screen in many different ways. We recommend that you keep an eye on your Instagram feed to find inspiration.

Morning Brew used green screen to insert background photos in this video to set the scene for their story.


Climate conferences: #climatechange and #climateaction

Original sound – Morning Brew

3. Create looping videos

TikTok allows viewers to scroll away from a video and it will play again at the beginning after it ends.

The platform’s video completion rate is an important indicator. If viewers view your video more times than once, it tells TikTok that the content is engaging. This should also be displayed on more For You pages.

Matching the end of your video with the beginning to create a seamless loop will help keep viewers interested and can increase your reach.


HOW TO: Create a LOOP video using your words


#loopvideo #loopvideotutorial #tiktoktips #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok

Original sound – Jera bean

This example shows how to make a looping video with words.

4. Make sure you have great lighting and good audio

You only need a few pieces to improve the quality of your audio and lighting, compared to what your phone has. You can increase the number of people who see your content by using good lighting and audio. This will help you improve your engagement and views.

You’ve probably noticed how popular ring light have become. They are easy to find and quite affordable. They can provide bright, even lighting in dark rooms or areas without natural light.

It is possible to argue that sound quality is more important than lighting. Some TikTokers record their voices using the microphone from their wired headphones. Although it’s an upgrade to the phone microphone, it’s still a good option if you don’t have any.

How to film and edit TikTok Transitions

You can add transitions to your video to keep viewers interested and on-trend.

TikTok can refer to transitions as two things:

A visual effect you use between two video clips in the post-production process (similar to slide transitions in PowerPoints). A sequence of frames that visually blurs the transition between two clips.

We’ll be discussing the second type TikTok transitions below. If you are interested in post-production changes, please see our TikTok editing tool section.

5. Jump cuts can be used as a basic transition

Jump cuts are very easy to learn and can be applied to most of the transitions below. Jump cuts are simply a way to place clips one after the other without any effects. It is important to end the first clip and start the second clip in the same spot within the frame.

The best tip we have is to record more clips than you actually need so you can trim down the clips to align your subjects as closely as possible. You can view a complete tutorial on how to create jump cut transitions.


How do I make transition videos?


(with result)

…is sweaty – Kellan

This example shows the creator recording the same scene in two different outfits. The jump cut is added in the middle to show that the outfit has changed.

6. Use the finger snap to make quick transitions

A variation of the jump cut, the finger snap lets you snap your fingers in order to move to each clip. This transition can be paired with multiple beats so your snaps can match the beat. (This track was a popular choice for quite a while).

The finger snap was used by this creator to switch between different destinations.


Corona didn’t stop my from traveling Europe. Here are my travels over the past month. #travel #traveltiktok #fingersnap #sheisnotlost

finger snap – manidz


7. For a Before and After photo, cover your camera

This transition is simple. To make it, bring your hand or object up to the camera and cover it completely. The second clip is where you cover the camera and then take off your hand.

The creator created a transition between a before and after home makeover with her camera.


It is my favorite thing about it


#laundryroom #laundryroommakeover

Original sound – margaux

8. Jump for an easy and enjoyable transition

This jump cut (pardon me for the pun) allows you to use a jump between scenes to create the illusion of being transported somewhere. You will need to adjust framing and camera movements for this transition. You can view a complete tutorial here.


Wait for it


This is how you get into the Louvre without having to wait! This tutorial was posted in 5 minutes


#creative #bts #tiktokacademie #fyp #pourtoi

In The End – Mellen Gi Remix Tommee Profitt and Fleurie

The photographer captured their subject jumping in two places and then cut the footage to create a magical transition between them.

9. Transform your life with these transformation challenges

This tip is not a transition style, but more of an example of how you can use transitions. However, it’s worth mentioning due to how popular they are.

TikTok often has trending challenges where you have to use a jump cut in order to show a before-and-after. Some examples: #handsupchallenge, #infinitychallenge.


Reply to @abi_bugaboo I might have tried a new makeup trend… Who should I dress as?


@rikognition VFX


#halloweenlooks #handsupchallenge #shego

Original sound – Kiera Lyons




The creator created the transition between two looks using their arms as part of #handsupchallenge.

How to add and modify captions

Many TikTok videos include text over video footage (a.k.a. captions). captions.

TikTok allows you to add captions to videos that don’t have spoken audio. This helps to tell the story or narrate it.

You should always add captions or subtitles to videos that have spoken audio. This is a best social media practice. This will make your social media content more accessible and inclusive, as well as cater to those who scroll with sound off.

These are our top tips for adding captions on videos

10. For emphasis and effect, add text manually

You can add text to Instagram Stories in the TikTok App, much like you would with Instagram Stories. Here’s how:

To record or upload your clips, tap the plus icon at the bottom. Hit “next” to go to the next screen. Click “text” at bottom to enter your text. You can edit the background, color, font, alignment and size. Use two fingers to pinch the text to make it larger or smaller.

adding text on TikTok

11. Text-to-speech is a great way to narration your videos

Text-to-speech adds a voice and text to your video. It automatically reads what you have written. This makes your video more accessible and also makes it more interesting.

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Get creative prompts right away!

To enable text-to-speech:

To record or upload clips, tap the plus button at bottom of app. NextHit Text will appear at the bottom where you can choose Text-to-speech.

You will need to apply the text-to speech option again if you make any changes to your text.

Here is a video tutorial.

12. Save time by using automatic captions

Auto captions convert spoken or voiceovers in your video into closed captions.

To enable auto-captions:

To record or upload your clips, tap the plus button at bottom of app. Next, hit Next. Next, click the pencil icon to the right of Captions section.

introducing auto captions on TikTok

example of video with auto captions on TikTok

When you have spoken audio throughout the video, auto captions can save you time.

Tip: Avoid using any words that might violate TikTok’s community guidelines when adding text to videos. Although there is no definitive list of banned words, it is important to avoid language that could lead to self-harm, suicide, sexual content or violence.

How to add music on TikToks

Without sound, a TikTok is just like a fish without water. It will fail. A TikTok’s success is directly related to the sound you use, particularly if it’s part of your video’s comedy payoff or a trending audio clip.

Here are our top tips to get the right sound for your TikToks.

13. Filming audio tracks in mind?

Sound shouldn’t be something you do after the fact. Don’t select a song after editing your video. Instead, think about a song from the beginning. This will enable you to sync video clips to the beat.

TikTok’s auto-sync feature can be used to automatically match your video’s sound with the TikTok app. This feature is only available for clips. Here’s how:

To record or upload clips, tap the plus button at bottom of app. Then hit Next. You should move directly to the sounds menu. Tap Sounds at the bottom to select the track you want to sync to your clips. Make sure you are on Sound sync and not default. TikTok will automatically trim the clips to the beat of the track. If you are happy with the audio, click Done

sound sync option on TikTok video

14. Trending sounds should be used

TikTokers can get more views by using trending sounds to help them capture more people searching for that sound. Keep in mind, however, that trends can change quickly so you should jump on any trend as soon as possible.

Not all audio clips are subject to copyright and licensing agreements. You may not be allowed to use some of the most popular sound effects in your TikToks if you have a business account.

Bonus tip: Save any video that has a sound that you like to your favorites so it doesn’t get lost. Tap and hold down on a video to do this. Your profile can be used to access your favorite videos.

15. Your edits should be aligned with the track

TikTok does not just allow you to record videos of yourself dancing but there is still a strong trend in aligning your video with the beats of a song. This is best done manually with a third-party editing tool.

This video shows you how to make your video match the music track.

Tap the Share button to find a TikTok clip featuring the sound you wish to use. Select Save video and then tap Sounds to select the audio from the TikTok original clip. Slide the Volume slider to the original sound to zero

This tutorial shows you how to extract audio from TikTok videos. It can also be used to guide your editing.


How to extract music from a YouTube video to another


#learnontiktok #tutorials #tiktoktutorials #editing #tiktokhacks #phonetutorial

Adam Tahere – Workout (Talkbox).

You can edit a TikTok after it has been posted.

After your video has been uploaded, you can’t edit a TikTok caption or a TikTok. There is an easy way around this problem that won’t require you to re-edit your entire video.

These are the steps:

Copy your captions and hashtags to make it easier to reuse them. Copy them and save them to your notebook. Next, go to your profile and locate the video you wish to repost. Tap the share icon to open a new tab. Select the saved video from the gallery. Add the caption or hashtags to the video and then post it.

This method creates a new video. You will lose all engagements and views from the previously uploaded video. You should be able make up any lost engagements if the video can be deleted and re-uploaded quickly.

Editing tools for 3 TikTok

Many TikTok editing applications have been created for Android and iOS, in response to the growing popularity of Instagram Reels and TikTok.

These apps allow you to combine clips, insert music, add transitions, text and graphics, as well as create video effects and transitions.

These are three tools that you might be interested in:

ll-in-one video editor: InShot

There are many all-in-one video editors. InShot is our top choice, because it offers a lot of powerful editing tools for free.

InShot allows you to trim, split, rearrange, adjust volume, speed, and extract audio. You can also add filters or transition effects.

InShot shows you how to make your own “2021 recap” video in this TikTok video.


Recap2021 trend tutorial #recap2021 @2021recap #rewind2021

Original sound – InShot Official

Zoomerang: Tutorials

Zoomerang is a video editor app that does everything. It offers tutorials in-app that show you how to create TikTok videos and other popular formats. It’s also free!

Zoomerang shows you how to use the app to imitate a TikTok trend in this tutorial


Who is she loved by? Place a


emoji #zoomerang #trending #papi #effect #viral

Zoomerang Original Sound – Zoomerang

TikTok’s editing app, CapCut

CapCut, an all-in-1 video editing app created by TikTok, has many features that are specifically tailored to TikTok such as trending stickers or custom TikTok fonts.

It is free to use and compatible with both iOS and Android.

CapCut TikTok often posts tutorials on how to edit TikTok videos, such as how you can create the transition between two looks.


With @daviddodle #CapCut#videoedit #viral #fyp

CapCut Original Sound – CapCut

TikTok videos can be exported

TikTok recommends that you optimize your video using the recommended settings

You can edit your TikTok videos using a third-party app (mobile or desktop) if you wish to. Make sure that your settings are compatible with TikTok’s file sizes and quality requirements.

According to photographer Corey Crawford the best export settings TikTok have are:

Resolution: 4k (or the next highest)Size Vertical 9:16, 1080pxx 1920pxFPS 24Bitrate 50k

These are our top 15 creative editing tips for TikTok videos. You can now post your first TikTok video with confidence.

Bonus: Download the 10-Day Reels Challenge for free. This daily workbook contains creative prompts and will help you get started on Instagram Reels. It will also track your growth and show results across your entire Instagram account.

How to edit videos on TikTok: 15 creative tips