TikTok Analytics. What You Should Know Now

Are your TikTok videos generating the engagements, views, and conversions that your clients or company expect? Are you reaching your goals? Maybe your TikTok marketing needs some improvement.

TikTok analytics allows you to track results and monitor progress towards key goals. Social media analytics can be used to optimize your content, and keep your TikTok strategy in line. hbspt.forms.create({ region: “na1”, portalId: “8477337”, formId: “0d60bd84-a53e-4373-b69e-49181f6c3ef6″>

Let’s talk about TikTok analytics. We will discuss which social media metrics you should track, which tools to use and how to apply your analysis.

How to turn on analytics for TikTok

It’s easy to access TikTok analytics. No longer do you need to activate TikTok analytics, or change to a professional account. TikTok offers analytics for personal and business accounts.

Open any video published and tap More Data at the lower right corner to access analytics.

There are several options available for you to access account-level analytics.

Open the TikTok mobile application and choose Business Suite. Next, tap Analytics to monitor audience growth. Next, tap AnalyticsOn desktop. Log into your TikTok Account. Then go to https://tiktok.com/analytics where you can review and download your analytics.

Although you don’t require a business account to access analytics, TikTok business accounts allow you full access brand- and creator-focused features. It is in the best interests of your team to have a business TikTok Account.

Open the Settings and Privacy menu for your account, then tap Switch to Business Account. In the screenshot above, you can see that the account has been changed to a business account.

TikTok Analytics: Key Metrics To Monitor

Are you curious about which TikTok metrics should your team monitor? It all depends on the goals you have set for your team and what key performance indicators (KPIs).

Do you want your client or company to gain more followers? These metrics will be the most valuable. Do you want to inform prospects about your products so they are more likely to make a purchase? These metrics will be most useful. Do you want to increase sales and generate revenue through your content? You can find out what your return on investment (ROI), metrics tell you.

Let’s look closer at each one. To see all data, you may need to switch between the mobile app or the desktop version TikTok’s dashboard.

TikTok - analytics overview

TikTok displays the analytics for the past seven days automatically. You can choose a time period or change the timeframe to 28 or 60 day.


TikTok’s engagement analytics provide a useful overview of how people interact with your most recent content. You can toggle between the chips to view charts for each engagement metric.

Charting is possible:

Video viewsProfile viewsLikesCommentsShares

TikTok - engagement analytics - overview

Engagement is often viewed as a middle-of the-funnel indicator. However, not all types of engagement are equal. Video views can be interpreted as passive engagement. Comments and likes are active engagement.

The highest engagement levels often reflect purchase intent and endorsement. Shares are often a sign of the highest level of engagement. It’s tempting not to track all engagement. However, certain engagement may be more important for your social media goals.

TikTok Followers

Are you seeing your account attract new followers at the same rate as you anticipated? TikTok’s audience charts can help you track your account’s growth over time.

This chart shows you the variation in your audience over time as well as your total followers. It also calculates your growth rate. This percentage helps you stay on track and ensures that your audience grows at a steady pace.

TikTok - follower analytics

It is great to see consistent audience growth. You don’t want to just attract any follower. You want to attract your target customer as they are most likely to offer value.

Click the View More link at the top right corner of your followers chart to chart your audience demographics. These metrics can be accessed once you have 100 followers.

Next, examine the territory and gender breakdowns. Are they in line with your ideal customer profile

If you are, it is a sign that your content is attracting your target audience. You may need to make some changes to your content strategy if this is the case. Next steps will be covered below.

TikTok’s followers chart also shows audience activity. The data can be used to ensure that you are publishing content at the correct time.

free demo for agorapulse social media management tool


TikTok’s engagement overview allows you to track activity week-to-week and spot positive or negative trends. It’s equally important to track views and engagement for individual videos.

Want to identify your most popular videos quickly? To see the top-viewed videos in the past seven days, go to the Trending tab.

TikTok - trending videos analytics

Do you prefer chronological order? To see your content for the past seven days, go back to the Video posts tab.

Click on any video to delve deeper into the data. The total engagement score for key metrics such as:

Video viewsLikesCommentsSharesSaves

TikTok provides an overview of the performance of each video. This is what you can see:

Reach is the number of people who viewed your video. Average view time or how long viewers spent watching the video. Completion rate or how many times viewers watched the whole video.

Are you curious about the time that viewers tend to scroll away from your video’s content? It’s easy to see when viewers abandon your video by using the audience retention chart.

TikTok - video performance and retention

You are curious about how viewers find your content. The traffic source chart shows you where your viewers are coming from. For example, they may find you through the For You Page or TikTok search. Or, your profile.

TikTok - video analytics

TikTok provides an overview of all the viewers for each video. It allows you to see the gender, age range and location of each viewer, which can help you decide if they are viewing your videos.


Does your organization use TikTok live? TikTok’s Live Center allows you to view and download live stream analytics.

TikTok - live analytics

TikTok does not provide engagement metrics for people, but instead focuses on metrics such as:

ViewsNew followersDiamondsTotal duration

TikTok’s Live Center also shows traffic sources, so you can see where your live views are coming from. Sources of traffic include:

Short videos for you

You want to see how your viewers view your views? TikTok charts the total number of views, unique viewers, average watch time, and time periods. These charts can be helpful for identifying patterns and helping you to zero in on the best practices if your team is regularly live.

TikTok Analytics: How to streamline your work flow

TikTok has in-depth analytics built in, as you can see. Do you really need an analytics tool for TikTok in addition to its native data?

Yes, in short, if you are serious about TikTok growth or optimizing your value.

Let’s look at the analytics features that Agorapulse can offer to enhance your workflow.

All social analytics can be managed from one dashboard

You can spend a lot of time switching between social media platforms or looking at mobile apps when you manage several social media accounts for clients or your company.

Agorapulse is mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to switch tabs or use an app on your phone to view analytics.

Instead, you can track TikTok metrics along with all your social profiles, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn or Twitter. Agorapulse can be used to schedule content or respond to engagements. It’s your one-stop shop when it comes to TikTok management.

Monitoring community management metrics

TikTok is rich in content- and account-level metrics but it lacks in some key areas. Agorapulse is a great tool to track community management metrics.

Agorapulse - TikTok analytics - community management - overview

Agorapulse tracks the replies you send every day and provides insight into spikes in activity. The dashboard provides metrics on team performance and average response times.

Agorapulse - TikTok analytics - community management - team performance

You want to ensure that your team responds within a specified timeframe.

Agorapulse analyzes the responses of team members. This allows you to reward top performers and create a plan for helping others improve their response times.

Track TikTok returns on investments

Although engagement and followers can be valuable to your brand, they don’t necessarily equal revenue. TikTok ROI metrics are required to measure the revenue generated by your TikTok community and show the value of your work.

Agorapulse - social media ROI

Connect your website’s Google Analytics account with your Agorapulse dashboard to track all website visitors, transactions, revenue, and other social media activities.

Agorapulse - ROI source by channel

Agorapulse’s ROI dashboard allows you to track these metrics over time and breaks down results by channel. This allows you to track TikTok’s revenue and compare it with other channels such as Instagram.

Chart and create custom analytics

Agorapulse may be able to meet your needs in certain cases. You can track custom analytics such as publishing or inbox labels so that you can measure sentiment and other social media metrics.

Agorapulse - TikTok inbox labels

These tools allow you to track the most important things for your team. You can then get more out of your data and make improvements to your results.

Visual reports can be easily and efficiently prepared

TikTok analytics has one major flaw: it doesn’t offer visual reports. You will need to take screenshots of the graphs and charts you see on the TikTok dashboard and share them or create your own reports.

Exporting your TikTok analytics is not possible. You can only download a spreadsheet with the raw data. You’ll need to then add the data to your custom reporting template, before sharing it with clients and colleagues.

Agorapulse is a social media dashboard that allows you to create visual TikTok reporting. Continue reading to learn how to export a report in one click and customize your TikTok reports for maximum value.

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How to create a TikTok report

Open the Agorapulse reporting dashboard, and then select your TikTok profile to create a TikTok Report. Select the export button at the top right and select the format that you wish to download. Choose from PowerPoint, CSV or PDF.

Agorapulse - export TikTok reports

You will need to separate download ROI reports. Click the Export button from the ROI dashboard. Check your email notifications to download the report.

It takes only a few minutes to download a report. TikTok reports can be scheduled to save you time.

Click the Schedule Reports button at the upper right corner of your Agorapulse dashboard. Next, choose the frequency and settings for your reports that best suit your needs.

Agorapulse - schedule TikTok reports

You can choose the sections that you wish to include in your report. You won’t waste time with data that isn’t in line with your team’s goals. The report can be shared with both internal and externe recipients.

You can review the report and add to it before you share it with your team. You can schedule the report to arrive in your inbox so that you can first review it.

Analytics: How to Optimize Your TikTok Strategy

Now it’s time for you to use the TikTok data. These ideas will help you transform your TikTok analytics into actionable strategies and improve your TikTok marketing plan.

Recreate top-performing videos

First, determine the top videos that are performing well based on the most important metric for your team. Agorapulse’s TikTok report allows you to sort top content based on social media metrics such as video completion rate, replays, engagement, and so forth.

Agorapulse - TikTok analytics - top content

Then, identify some common characteristics. Are they using similar TikTok transitions or filters? Are they shorter than the others? Your insights can help you plan more content or test your theories.

Choose the right topics to appeal to your audience

Agorapulse’s publishing label allows you to easily identify which topics are most popular with your audience. Are they more engaged with a campaign? Are they more likely to watch behind-the scenes videos over and over again? Was a particular trend popular?

Agorapulse - TikTok analytics - best label to use

These are some of the key points to keep in mind when you try to recreate your most successful videos. Although it may not make sense to duplicate a campaign, you can reuse topics and trends in your TikTok videos.

Your ideal customers

The TikTok videos with the highest engagement or views are your best-performing content. These videos may not be your best content if they were delivered by TikTok to someone outside your target audience.

You should focus on videos that appeal to your ideal viewers. Take note of the video’s topic and style. Analyze the comments and review the hashtags in the video. Find out what resonated with your audience and how you can recreate it.

Customer sentiment can be improved

Even though there is a lot of negativity, it’s not always a bad thing. In most cases, however, viewers will be more inclined to react positively.

Agorapulse - TikTok analytics - inbox labels

Review the videos that have generated the most positive engagement as you plan new TikTok content. Agorapulse’s Inbox Labels make it easy to track and tag the sentiments of TikTok comments.

Publishing at the right times

Video performance can be affected by topics, styles, or interactive features. You can get more views on TikTok by publishing content at the right times.

You can improve your publishing schedule by using the recommendations in your report. You can increase your chances of getting views and engagement by posting videos or going live when it is most convenient for you. This will help improve your overall performance.

Engage better

Engaging is key to building a TikTok community. It’s important that you remember that engagement can be both positive and negative.

Is your team quick to respond to comments? Is your average response time a few hours or several days?

Your analytics can help you pinpoint problems that are causing delayed responses. Next, create a plan for reducing your response time and establishing more positive connections with viewers.

Let’s wrap up what we learned about TikTok Analytics

TikTok analytics can help you optimize the results and maximize the value that your company gets from this social media network. Agorapulse, a social media platform that integrates with the app’s native analytics, allows you to dig deeper into your TikTok data so you can learn and improve.

Register now to get a free trial and learn how Agorapulse helps you dig into social media analytics, and many other things!