Top 15 Unrecognized Affiliate Marketing OPM Agency in 2022

Top 15 Underrated Affiliate Marketing OPM Agencies in 2022

OPM, or outsourced program management, is the practice where an outside party manages your affiliate program. Marketing directors and company owners are always looking for ways to promote their brands. OPM providers make it easy for businesses to use affiliate marketing to scale their business.

Numerous organizations are covered by OPM providers. This includes traditional OPM firms and affiliate networks. Despite the fact that many OPM professionals provide outstanding results, they aren’t often listed as one of the top choices for companies looking to outsource their affiliate program.

Our team has worked closely with top brands in a variety of verticals. We are therefore familiar with OPM providers that provide consistent results. This article will explain the benefits of working with OPM agencies. We will also share our top OPM agencies and affiliate network recommendations that don’t get enough attention.

What are Affiliate OPM Agencies?

Because it is effective and compatible with all industries, affiliate marketing is a very popular type of digital advertising. Although this strategy is easy to scale up, it requires more resources to manage these relationships.

An OPM agency, in the affiliate world is an organization that manages an affiliate program for a company. Every business has unique needs, so each case is different.

A reliable OPM provider should be capable of creating an affiliate program from scratch and finding quality affiliates. They also need to manage all aspects in the relationship with these marketers.

The Top 15 OPM Agencies for 2022 and the Top 15 Affiliate Managers

We now have a better understanding of OPM providers and the various types of organizations that you can partner with. Let’s look at the top 15 agencies that produce outstanding results but don’t get enough credit.

These are our top picks.

1. JEBCommerce

JEBCommerce, a specialist OPM company with over 15 years experience, is an OPM firm. The company is well-known for its outstanding service and growth-boosting programs.

2. Lab6Media

Lab6Media offers a limited number of digital advertising solutions, which mainly include OPM services. This platform provides both general OPM solutions and services for specific traffic types. These include search engine marketing (PPC), experts, influencers and mobile affiliates.

3. Lemonades

Lemonads is the first affiliate network to be included on this list. It specializes in helping companies and affiliates find the best people in their respective fields. The platform has invested a lot of resources in improving its network and creating new features for its partners.

4. Digital Media Solutions

Digital Media Solutions, also known as DMS is a performance-advertising agency that offers a variety of services. The platform functions as a mix between a traditional agency, which focuses on direct advertising, and an affiliate network with a limited number of recurring partners.

5. Snow Consulting

Snow Consulting claims that it has generated millions of dollars through its client’s affiliate programs. Its reputation supports this claim. Although it is similar to a traffic broker, the platform also offers marketing services. However, it specializes in eCommerce providers.

6. Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners aims to assist brands by managing affiliate programs and increasing their bottom line. This OPM provider offers four plans that are tailored to companies at a particular stage in their growth cycle.

7. All Inclusive Marketing

All-inclusive Marketing, also known as AIM, is a multi-disciplinary agency that offers influencer marketing integration and SEO monitoring. Although the platform doesn’t have the traditional affiliate network, it has helped many brands grow and expand their affiliate programs.

8. AM Navigator

AM Navigator ranks among the best OPM brands for performance, but is rarely listed in the top rankings. AM Navigator is a top OPM provider because of its stellar results and consistent partners such as Skype and Forbes.

9. Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive, another traditional marketing agency, has mastered the art and science of outsourcing affiliate programs. Its proactive team and deep understanding of affiliate marketing structures is what makes it able to create programs that are successful for brands from many different fields.

10. PartnerCentric

PartnerCentric is known for its efficiency and ability to cultivate the most lucrative affiliate relationships. To deliver precise results to its partners, the platform is solely focused on OPM services. Fuse tracking tools are used to help.

11. Clique Affiliate Marketing

Clique Affiliate Marketing is technically a multi-discipline organization, but it focuses only on services for companies with an affiliate program. Clique Affiliate Marketing has become a top OPM agency by providing OPM services in terms of performance and attribution products.

12. eAccountable

eAccountable, a digital advertising agency, is a complete-fledged digital marketing agency. It assists businesses with SEO, paid searches, and OPM. These platforms collaborate with other providers and networks to make sure that their affiliate campaigns are profitable.

13. ebove and beyond

The team at Ebove and Beyond focuses only on two things but does them extremely well.

One of them is affiliate OPM services.

To help partners create programs that produce top results, the company relies heavily on affiliate marketing experts.

14. iAffiliateManagement

The “i” in affiliate management stands for “intelligent”, and it’s clear that this platform is a fantastic tool to help companies manage and develop their affiliate programs.

The unique OPM provider conducts an affiliate audit before working closely with partners to determine the type of program that is needed and whether the partnership has a good chance of success. This is why iAffiliateManagement has a higher success rate than other platforms.

15. Apogee

Apogee is a trusted OPM service provider with more than 12 years of experience in the industry. This digital advertising agency not only recruits top-notch affiliates but also invests significant resources in strengthening existing relationships and helping publishers.

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Program Management Process

An affiliate program can be a great way for a company to grow and also build awareness about its brand. To get the best out of your affiliate program, you must first understand the ecosystem. While research is important, trial and error is the best way to learn about affiliate networks. A professional OPM service provider will help you understand the basics and speed up your program’s turnaround.

You can work with affiliate networks or other OPM providers to focus your efforts on increasing revenue. Working with an OPM agency will help relieve pressure on your team and make a tangible positive impact on your efficiency.

Besides the above, there are many other benefits to working with an OPM company:

Find, recruit and manage top affiliates

You must find and convince the best partners to help you manage your program.

This step can be time-consuming as affiliate managers must contact potential affiliates with no prior connections to determine if they’re interested. You must also verify traffic and quality of conversions to ensure that payments are made on time.

Working with the right OPM provider will allow you to reach, recruit and manage top affiliates. Because networks and similar partners have a long-standing relationship with affiliates, OPM providers usually know the availability and potential interest of each partner.

Develop quality relationships with your partners

While finding and recruiting top affiliates can be a first step, the digital advertising landscape is constantly changing.

Companies need to adapt their programs and build strong relationships with affiliates in order to achieve the best results. Affiliates need to create new content for the same company long-term. This is why it is important to make sure these marketing professionals have the right resources.

Giving your affiliates great tools to succeed is the best way to build strong relationships. You should provide your affiliates with the best resources possible for their programs.

Make sure that all requirements are met by affiliate content

In the early days of the internet, affiliate marketers and companies could use any technique that could increase their sales. Since then, the online ecosystem has evolved a lot. Laws and regulations such as the GDPR have regulated how affiliates can use data and the types of ads that they can display.

This has made a huge impact on the industry’s quality. However, affiliate campaigns require businesses to follow different regulations and ensure that their affiliates comply as well. Partnering with an affiliate network such as lemonads allows you to focus on your business and know that all requirements have been met.

To find the best approach, conduct thorough research

Each business is unique in its products, target markets, customers and marketing channels. It is because of this that implementing standard affiliate strategies won’t always produce the best results.

Businesses should instead conduct extensive research on their users, their locations, and any other factors that could impact their program’s performance to reach the best possible agreement.

OPM professionals with experience not only have the knowledge but also the tools to conduct extensive research before creating an affiliate program. These OPM providers can help you choose the right traffic sources, ad formats and commission structures for your program.

Are you looking for the best OPMs and affiliate agencies?

It is essential to have a deep understanding of affiliate marketing in order to choose the right OPM provider for you business. Although affiliate marketers can be a great addition to your advertising team’s marketing team, it is important to partner with an OPM specialist who will manage your program.

Lemonads is the best OPM provider with a large number of top affiliates. Get in touch today. Since our inception, we have established strong relationships with top affiliate marketing publishers and are focused on helping our partners achieve the best results.

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