Top 5 AI video editors: Which one is best for you? [including pros]

You are tired of editing videos for hours and hours? Do you think video editing is an intimidating task that can only be accomplished by professionals? You’re not the only one. Many sales reps also find editing difficult. When we present videos to sales teams, one of the most common objections is, “But I am not good at editing”. We understand: Editing videos frame-by-frame requires a lot of time and patience, which is something not all sales reps possess. The era of AI-based video editors is here, and it’s going to relieve you of the stress.

First-time users of video can now create beautiful videos faster and easier than ever.

This article will introduce you to 5 of the best AI video editors available on the market, their main features, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

AI Video Editors: An Introduction

AI has simplified video editing for us, which was once a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. Video editing is now more accessible for people with less technical knowledge and who don’t have the time to wait around for editors to do their magic.

AI Video Editors: Benefits

AI video editors will save you time and money, while improving the quality of your videos. AI video editors help you:

Speed up the editing process

AI-powered tools automate repetitive tasks such as colour correction or audio mixing. This allows editors to concentrate on the creative aspects of editing.

b. Improve video quality and aesthetics

AI can improve the quality of your video by improving lighting, color grading and other visual components.

c. Eliminate manual tasks

AI allows editors to automate tasks like captioning, subtitles, and scriptwriting. This saves time and money.

Analyze footage, and offer creative suggestions:

AI can analyze your footage and provide creative ideas on how to improve the visual appeal of your video.

Apply automatic transitions, and special effects

Video editors powered by AI can automatically apply transitions and effects to your footage. This saves time and adds a professional touch.

AI is revolutionizing the video editing industry. It makes it more efficient, faster and more creative.

The Top 5 AI Video Editors for 2023

It can be difficult to choose the best AI video editor for your needs, with so many AI editors on the market. We’ve put together a list that includes the top 5 AI Video Editors. Each one has its own unique set of features, capabilities and specifications.

I video editor #1: Descript

Descript can help you with everything from writing scripts to recording videos, transcribing them, editing and sharing them.

Features and capabilities

Descript’s impressive features will help you take your videos to another level. Here are a few of them:

a. Transcribing your audio automatically in real-time is possible:

Descript makes it easier to edit your content and customize it. No more manual transcription. You can now focus on your creative audio projects. What’s the best part? Descript’s AI and machine-learning algorithms ensure that the transcription is accurate.

Editing your audio is as simple as editing the transcription.

This feature allows you to easily remove filler and ums from your audio, replace them with new words, and perfect it by clicking a button.

Collaboration is easier with podcasts:

Descript’s ability to take collaboration to an entirely new level is perhaps its most exciting feature. Descript allows for multiple users to collaborate on the same project at the same time, which makes it a great tool for remote teams and content creators working together on a podcast. You can track every change to your project with features such as comments, version histories, and role-based access.

Pros and cons

Descript is no different. It has pros and cons. Consider these factors:


Easy to use and beginner-friendly.Descript uses AI to transcribe audio and generate captions, making it the perfect tool for podcasters and vloggers who want to quickly create a polished, error-free video.It offers a wide range of editing features, including audio editing, multi-track editing, and video editing.Ideal collaboration tool for teams


Descript’s primary focus is audio and podcast editing. As such, some of its video-editing features may be less robust than those offered by other editors in this list. Its pricing plan may not be affordable for everyone, since its plans begin at $12/month. The features included are limited, including 1 hour of transcription and 1 video without watermark at 720p. I video editor #2: FlexClip

FlexClip, an AI-powered video edit tool, makes video editing a breeze. You can create beautiful videos with its easy-to-use interface. It allows you to trim and cut video clips and add background music. FlexClip’s greatest feature is that it doesn’t require any editing experience.

Features and capabilities

What makes FlexClip different from other video-editing software? Take a look at some of its most important features and capabilities.

a. A large repository of images, videos and audio:

FlexClip offers multiple templates to suit any occasion. There are also templates for different types of video, including slideshows and advertisements.

It is a very simple tool.

FlexClip’s cloud-based platform allows you to edit videos anywhere and on any device. FlexClip is the perfect tool for creating videos, whether they are intended for business or personal use.

Pros and cons

FlexClip is no exception. It has both strengths and weaknesses. Consider these pros and cons:


Supports 4K and HD video resolutions. Easy to download and share videos.


Only basic audio editing options. Limited customization options. No multi-track editing. I video editor #3:, a video editing tool powered by AI, is revolutionizing the way video content is created and edited. This tool combines artificial intelligence and intuitive user interfaces to provide users with the ultimate experience in video editing.

Features and capabilities, an AI-powered video editing tool, offers many features and capabilities.

a. Automated video edit:

This feature allows you to avoid the time and stress of video editing. The AI algorithm analyses your footage, creates stunning edits based on the style and theme you choose and offers a wide range of presets.

b. Simple interface

The editor interface is simple and elegant, allowing users to easily select clips, remove unwanted portions, apply transitions and effects, as well as add background music.

Pros and cons has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any AI video editor.

Pros: is a video platform that uses AI-powered smart search to organize video content. This makes it easier to find the footage you need. It also offers advanced audio editing tools such as video stabilization, noise reduction, color correction and audio editing.


High pricing for business plansNo advanced motion graphics or effectsHigh prices for video editing tools Magisto is the fourth video editor I have used.

Magisto can be used by anyone who wants to edit videos or slideshows in an intuitive way. It will give them a professional feel and look. This video editor is for all levels of users, including experienced video producers and beginner vloggers.

Features and capabilities

Magisto, a powerful AI video editor with a wide range of capabilities and features, is easy to use.

AI-powered intelligent video editor

You can create video campaigns with Magisto that include soundtracks, text, and transitions.

b. Use it while on the go:

You can edit and create videos with Magisto’s mobile app. Just record the footage, upload it into your account and begin editing. The app also offers a range of filters and effects that you can use to enhance your videos.

Pros and cons

Magisto is no different. It has both pros and cons. The pros and cons of Magisto include:


Magisto’s intelligent auto-editing features use AI to analyze footage to select the best clips for a final video. All the user needs to do is choose the images or videos needed in the video along with the theme from a large collection and Magisto creates the final video. Supports multiple formats such as landscape, portrait and square videos.


Many users have experienced lag issues in mobile apps. I video editor #5: AI Editor – Hippo Video

Want to edit video like you edit documents? The AI editor by Hippo Video, a simplified tool with many features, is the perfect solution for your editing problems.

Image showing Hippo Videos AI Video Editor

Features and capabilities

AI Editor by Hippo Video offers an AI-powered video editing tool with a variety of features, including:

a. Create professional videos in no-time:

You can eliminate unnecessary pauses, ‘ums’ and other filler words with just one click. This feature will save you hours of editing time.

b. Make video-viewing delightful:

Add attention-grabbing titles to your videos, as well as lower thirds, transitions and interludes. You can do this in just a few minutes by entering the text.

c. Extract video clips or summaries quickly:

You can save hours by generating video summaries automatically or customizing their length and content. You can also use video clips from long videos in multiple ways, without any technical requirements.

d. Maximize viewership by using chapters

You can segment your video into chapters, and then bookmark each one with a preview. This will allow your viewers to skip over the parts they don’t want and jump straight to their favorite sections.

Pros and cons

As an AI video editor, Hippo Video’s AI Editor has both unique advantages and disadvantages. Included are:


It is possible to edit your videos using the tool by deleting unwanted words directly from the transcript. This works just like editing a document. Even the free plan has a lot of other features, such as customized sales pages, video flow, using websites or LinkedIn profiles as video background etc. This will give you a full video experience. Create shorter video snippets, chapters, etc. With ease.


The annual and team plans of AI Editor by Hippo Video are a bit expensive, but they’re worth it when considering the features that it offers.

The conclusion of the article is:

AI-powered editors offer a variety of benefits as video editing becomes more complex. These include faster and more efficient video editing, better video quality and lower costs. These top 5 AI-powered video editors offer unique capabilities, features and pros and cons. Select the video editor that suits your needs and preferences to get a more efficient and effective editing experience.