Top Enterprise Sales Tools to Adopt in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation. This has led to the demand for practical, scalable enterprise tools. Sales enablement platforms and enterprise sales tools allow salespeople to better understand their prospects and track real-time data in order to make better decisions. They can also build a stellar team to improve lead generation.

As we move into a future where work is more flexible and agile than ever, enterprise sales tools that are the most effective are those that work double-time to keep teams connected and productive. However, not all technology is created equal. There are many innovative solutions, and smart product managers who market them, but it can be difficult to find the right technology for your company.

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Humanizing Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is simply the use of tools to help your sales team reach potential customers. A few years ago, any salesperson who could talk and present a convincing pitch was able to close a deal. Today’s decision-makers require more. To move on to the next stage, they need to have proof, transparency, connection, and connection. Your sales team will become more human-centric as their tools for doing their jobs effectively increase in human-centricity.

Enterprise sales tools allow you to compile your core sales enablement requirements. They also provide an easy-to use platform that allows your team to have the right information at the right time during customer journeys to grow your customer base. Investments in sales enablement tools resulted in 76% of companies seeing a significant increase in closings (6%-20%)

Types of Enterprise Sales Tool

Five types of key enterprise sales tools are available:

Data collection and reportingDefined sales processesContact databases for leads, next steps, customersSales content (Case studies, Demo Decks).

Working from home or hybrid work is becoming the “new normal”, sales teams are increasingly reliant on recorded video sharing of the salesperson rather than in-person product demonstrations. Human-focused enterprise sales tools are changing the future of what is possible as industries struggle to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Top 10 Enterprise Sales Tools

These are the top enterprise sales tools available today. Find out how they can help you power your sales funnel.

10. Salesforce

Salesforce is the ultimate sales tool. Salesforce is a customer relationship platform (CRM), which allows for scalable cloud-based deployment. Salesforce’s key advantage is its ability to be extremely customizable.

Salesforce makes it simple to create widgets for your company so you can track the most important data points that matter to your bottom line.

However, customization power can lead to high costs. Salesforce has a scalable pricing structure. This means that the more users/add-ons you have, you will pay more. Limited technical support is another obstacle to the customizable nature Salesforce software.

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the answer to social media for businesses. LinkedIn’s platform allows for networking in the digital age. It was so popular that LinkedIn realized that they could make a profit through a trial model. They limit certain functions that require subscriptions.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows users to send “InMails”, build prospect lists, get lead recommendations, and connect notifications in a simple format that seamlessly integrates with existing CRMs.

LinkedIn’s popularity is the most important factor that has it on this list. Although the data is available, it’s not intuitive or easy-to-access. Let’s not even talk about what happens when you share information with people outside your team. If you already use LinkedIn for certain activities, its tools may be able to meet a niche-specific requirement.

8., a Chrome extension prospect-list building tool, allows you to find contact information, facilitate email verification, and conduct bulk domain research. The tool has a limited scope, which is great for building email lists but not when it comes down to social media targeting.

7. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is a contact management software that can be used to build lists. It is similar to

Zoominfo, a cloud-based sales tool, is the standard in talent acquisition and other industries. The company is rapidly growing and adding new features to its software. They also make great strides in expanding the data available.

6. Terminus

Terminus is an account-based engagement platform. Their software can be used by teams to collect customer data, determine intent, and create targeted lists. You can access detailed analytics across all marketing channels. Terminus software allows your team to track digital engagement and improve efficiency in marketing efforts.

5. Tableau

Tableau is a data analysis platform that focuses primarily on data visualization and easy navigation. Tableau believes that everyone in your company should have access to the correct data, without having to learn another program. Tableau is a platform that all employees, from IT to sales to executives, can use easily. Tableau can integrate with Salesforce CRM to get the data you need.

4. integrates with Salesforce CRM to provide data aggregator functionality. You’re looking to find a way for your sales team to be more focused and managers and executives to monitor end-to–end visibility. allows you to set up custom key performance indicators (KPIs), and keep accurate data about your daily sales activities.

3. Gong

Gong, an enterprise tool, allows you to monitor customer interactions. It simplifies the process with alerts and warnings for potential risks and opportunities. This will allow you to spend your time where it is most effective. Although the software is useful, there are still areas for improvement, particularly in transcription.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign is a set of applications that streamlines the paperwork involved in sales. It’s a vital tool for remote work, allowing electronic signatures as well as automated workflows and contract administration. It is fully compatible with Salesforce CRM. You might be able to use the Adobe tools for free if you are only using it to sign documents.

1. Vidyard Enterprise Video Platform

Remote sales tools are undoubtedly dominated by video tools. Vidyard’s enterprise platform allows you to take your video content beyond YouTube and achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Vidyard allows you to personalize, share and embed video content. It also integrates with core CRM, MAP and sales engagement solutions. You can screen record sales pitches and embed the video into an email. From there, Vidyard’s enterprise platform allows you to track engagement.

Enterprise sales tools

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