How to create a music videos for free in just 15 minutes? [With animated Assets]

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Animaker’s YouTube Channel surpasses 100K subscribers. He also wins the 1st YouTube Artist award!

YouTube is the best resource for anyone who wants to learn, teach, tutor, educate and market their products or services. We launched Animaker in 2014. In order to encourage new video creators, we created an YouTube channel with one goal. We have created a series informative and engaging videos over the years to help users … Read more

How to create a dramatic Voice Over in less than 5 minutes

Have you been wondering how to create a voice over? Do you feel that recording and adding a voiceover to a video is time-consuming, expensive, and a frustrating experience? If so, do not worry! This article will help anyone understand how to create a voice over quickly. Basically, there are three ways to create your own voice … Read more

Introducing the Auto-Subtitle generator [Generate and Translate in 35+ Spraches & Edit in them]

We unveiled more than 10 new features and enhancements when we launched Animaker 3.0 several months ago. These were immediately available to users after launch. We also revealed 15+ additional features that were part the product’s roadmap. We are launching a feature that content creators have requested, and it is today. Please, drum roll! Animaker’s … Read more

The Top 5 B2B Video Trends for 2022

In the last few years, nearly every aspect of modern business has gone through a digital transformation. In 2020, chaos ensued as organizations abruptly pivoted to a digital-first world. In 2021, the smartest companies got more intentional about crafting digital-first strategies, realizing these changes would become entrenched for years to come. In 2022, front-runners will … Read more

4 Industries Where Video is Surging

Nobody sees more variety on the sales floor than a solutions consultant (SC). They’re the person to whom all new and exciting edge-cases flock—where salespeople bring the deals that are unusual, fascinating, and sometimes, prophetic. You see, because we aren’t direct sellers, we have a fundamentally different relationship with customers and we touch so many … Read more

How to Master Startup Marketing: Experts Share Their Secrets

Don’t become another startup marketing failure. You know the one: A newcomer thinks they know how to market a startup, so they launch a Twitter account, set up a LinkedIn company page, build a website, start running ads…but then nothing happens. Despite all that precious budget they spent, they’re not getting many visitors, and almost … Read more