[Info update] Animaker 2.0 access is available to Premium Users

We announced the launch Animaker 2.0 a few months ago! 2.0 is Animaker’s newer, faster and more powerful version that uses HTML5. The market was extremely supportive of our new application with thousands waiting for Closed-Beta access. We began modestly, allowing access to 100 of our most amazing users. We rolled out updates based on … Read more

Animaker 2.0: The Future of Video Making begins here!

Today! Animaker 2.0 has been launched! Since September 2014, when Animaker was launched in its first version, building Animaker 2.0 has been the most difficult task. We have worked hard to keep our vision of providing every business and creative person with a video making studio that is both affordable and functional throughout our journey. … Read more

12 VideoMarketing Trends to Make 2019 Your Year!

Another year is over! We are now back in the process of preparing our marketing plans for next year. But! But this year, things are different! Videos can make or break your company! loading=”lazy” style=”width:480px;height:auto;margin: 0 auto;display: block;” src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/what-gif.gif” alt=”What” width=”480″ height=”480″> via GIPHY Yes! That’s right! It is crucial that you stay on top … Read more

Six ways to increase your sales and revenue using Animaker

Videos can be used to drive growth for your business, regardless of whether you are a B2B company or a B2C one. If used correctly, it can help to strengthen your relationship with customers, increase conversion rates, and simplify communications within your company. The possibilities for video use in organizations are endless when you consider … Read more

IGTV for Businesses – A Beginner’s Guide for 2018, 2018

Businesses are being swept up by an enormous wave of opportunities, whether they realize it or not. We are all in the midst of something big and exciting. Instagram’s new vertical video platform, Instagram Television (or IGTV), is the latest milestone in Online Space. In the past, Instagram users were allowed to upload horizontal videos … Read more

Marketing and communication simplified by Animaker for Zucchetti

Francesca Mahony is a Marketing and Communications specialist at Zucchetti. Zucchetti is a top-rated Italian software company in Europe. Zucchetti offers a range of software solutions including HR, Workforce management, ERP, POS, Access Control, E-commerce, and more for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Zucchetti’s Marketing and Communications team is responsible for managing day-to-day marketing … Read more