Why this Hospitality Company prefers Agorapulse to Hootsuite and SocialPilot over Loomly & Later

Ron Jaworski Golf & Weddings, a family-owned business, owns six luxurious country clubs in six beautiful locations throughout the United States. Every venue offers a variety of restaurants, golf courses and wedding venues that will create memorable experiences for everyone.

Three types of people are the focus of each country club:

Golfers looking to play on the most prestigious courses in the country. Happy couples who are searching for the perfect venue to celebrate their wedding day.

Ron Jaworski Wedding’s four person marketing team must reach six venues and three target markets.

Joanna Haynal is the social media manager who manages almost 40 accounts on social media.

Ron Jaworski Golf and Weddings has used Agorapulse over five years. This makes it much easier for Joanna to manage these social media accounts.

Agorapulse is a favorite of Ron Jaworski Golf and Weddings. The company had to double-check because of the unstable economy. Was there another social media platform that could provide better value?

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Background: Ron Jaworski Weddings & Its Focus on Social Media

Ron Jaworski Golf & Weddings strives to be a welcoming brand. Couples who marry there will continue to keep in touch for many years. The staff is usually familiar with golfers and there are always regulars at the restaurant.

“There are people who interact with us on social media and got married at one our venues more than ten years ago. They are still on our accounts and they still know our employees by their names.” – Joanna Haynal. Social Media Manager at Ron Jaworski Golf & Weddings.

Ron Jaworski Weddings uses Social Media Marketing to maintain their long-term loyalty and grow their tight-knit community. This is a great way to keep in touch with your guests, build relationships, and encourage others to share their experiences.

Joanna Haynal: “Once you arrive here, you remain part of the family. That’s something we try to keep rolling with our social media.”

They started Agorapulse five years ago to help them schedule and publish regular content, as well as engage with different audiences across their 40 social media accounts.

These five years were long, rewarding, and filled with happiness. Ron Jaworski Golf & Weddings, although still thrilled with Agorapulse, decided to look for other opportunities.

Ron Jaworski Golf & Weddings wanted to investigate another social media management platform.

Inflation is affecting people’s real disposable income severely. Hospitality and other similar industries are feeling the pinch.

Ron Jaworski Golf and Weddings decided to test Hootsuite, Later, Loomly, SocialPilot, and Loomly to see if they could find a social media management platform comparable in value to Agorapulse.

“Money matters, particularly when it comes to our budget. We wanted to ensure that we were not overpaying. We had been with Agorapulse so many years and were still growing. We wanted to find out if there were other options.” – Joanna Haynal

What happened when Ron Jaworski Golf and Weddings tried other social media management platforms?

Joanna was looking for a social platform to manage her social media accounts and help with tasks such as content creation, post scheduling, and other daily tasks. Agorapulse is more affordable than Agorapulse.

Joanna Haynal: “I was looking for the best social media management platform to help me out and give us the most bang for our bucks.”

She found that the new platforms made her daily tasks much more difficult when she tried Hootsuite and Later, Loomly, as well as SocialPilot.


Four social media platforms for managing social media had unintuitive navigation

All four social media platforms had confusing or difficult navigation. This made it difficult to complete even the most basic tasks.

Hootsuite’s interface was overwhelming

Joanna was not only “wildly expensive”, but she also struggled with managing 40 social media accounts with Hootsuite. It was too overwhelming.

Hootsuite provided her with an overwhelming amount of information. This made her workload stressful and overly complicated. There was no order. It felt chaotic.

“There was too much happening and too many things to see. It was going to take me all morning just to review all our insights, all of our comments, and all of our interactions.” Joanna Haynal

Agorapulse made it easy to keep her dashboard clean and organized. She was able to quickly switch between accounts, get a quick snapshot of what was happening, and then see which priorities she should prioritize.

Loomly used a decentralized notification system

Loomly did not have a central location for notifications, which made it hard, and time-consuming to keep track of all the 40 social media accounts.

“Seeing all my notifications in one place is a big deal for me so I can see who has to be tended to.” Loomly made it impossible.” Joanna Haynal

Joanna was able to view all of her notifications across all 40 profiles with Agorapulse. This enabled her to quickly see which profiles required her immediate attention and which ones could wait. This helped her prioritize her work and saved her so much time.

None of the social media platforms are integrated with Google Business.

Joanna is responsible for monitoring and responding to Google Business reviews as part of her job. She needed to link her new social media management tool to Google Business reviews to be able to quickly respond to any reviews from the platform.

None of the social media platforms that she used to manage her social media accounts were able to integrate with Google Business. She had to go through all her emails to ensure she didn’t miss any Google Business reviews. Another wasted time.

The majority of the social media management platforms had a limit of 30 profiles

It was also frustratingly limited how many social media accounts she could add without paying a lot more. The majority of platforms she tried only allowed her to manage and add up to 30 social networks.

She required more than 40.


Some social media management platforms she tried looked more affordable.

In reality, she would have to spend more time using something so complicated and inintuitive.

Sometimes, the monthly price is lower, but you end up spending more time navigating the tool, switching between tabs, searching for things, and trying to figure out UX that isn’t user-friendly. “You spend your time on it because you spend money on it.” Joanna Haynal

Why Ron Jaworski Golf and Weddings Choose to Stay with Agorapulse

After trying SocialPilot and Loomly, Hootsuite and Later, Ron Jaworski golf & Weddings decided to stay with Agorapulse. They found us to be the most value-oriented social media management platform.

Our time is ultimately the most valuable and beneficial thing we have. We could see that Agorapulse was capable of giving us more time.” Joanna Haynal

Ron Jaworski Golf & Weddings deemed us the best value for their money because of two factors:

Everything is centralized with Agorapulse

Joanna discovered that Agorapulse allowed her to do more because all of the information was available in one place. To see the notifications from all 40 accounts she had, Joanna didn’t have to switch profiles. All she needed was one click to access it all.

Without leaving Agorapulse, she could create posts, schedule content and respond to messages. She also had the ability to reply to Google Business reviews and build reports. This was not possible with any of the social media management platforms she tried.

“SocialPilot and Hootsuite for instance, you must click on each account individually to access the information you require. It wasn’t as easy as Agorapulse. This was the main problem that I couldn’t understand.” Joanna Haynal

gorapulse features are extremely easy to use

Joanna was already familiar with Agorapulse when she started at Ron JaworskiGolf & Weddings. Because the marketing team was small and Joanna was not the only expert in social media, no one was able help her learn how to use it.

Agorapulse was intuitive and simple to use. She didn’t need any help. She was particularly impressed by the publishing tools that let her create, schedule and publish content to multiple accounts. They were simple enough to make her job easy, but not too complicated.

“We were looking for an easy way to publish, especially since we publish to multiple accounts. This was something we felt Agorapulse made really easy.” – Joanna Haynal

She was able to teach him how to use Agorapulse when the company added a marketing assistant to its team. He was able immediately to grasp it.

All of this was evident when she tried out other social media management tools. They were so inefficient, clunky and complicated that they didn’t even make sense. She was unable to get off the ground as fast as she did when she first used Agorapulse.

In conclusion

“Agorapulse was more in line with our budget even with the new pricing changes. It works well for us, and we decided not to switch.” Joanna Haynal

While many social media management tools look more affordable and offer greater value per month than others, you should also consider how much time it will take to use each day.

It will take you longer if its features are confusing or its navigation is not intuitive.

You will not have the time or energy to improve your social media performance if you spend your entire day doing trivial tasks (like publishing content).

Although some tools may seem cheaper than Agorapulse’s, when you consider how much time you will need to use them, you realize that they are more expensive. Agorapulse can be used as an extra team member to do smaller tasks so that you can concentrate on the most important things. – Joanna Haynal

Time is really money.

Ron Jaworski Golf & Weddings found the right social media partner after a thorough search.

We were there as a perfect partner in a romantic comedy.

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