WP Affiliate Suite Review

Affiliate marketing will always be a popular and viable means of making money online. You don’t have to worry about inventory, yet you can sell almost anything under the sun and make a good living with it. The challenge, though, is having the right blueprint to show you the necessary steps towards success.


There are tons of affiliate marketing products and courses over the years. Some good and some are not worth your time and money. One that caught my eye recently is Chris Derenberger’s WP Affiliate Suite which came out last February. Below is my review of the product.

What is WP Affiliate Suite?

WP Affiliate Suite Course

As I mentioned before, most people are aware of the potential to make money with affiliate marketing. But they are clueless on how to get started. This is where WP Affiliate Suite really shines. The course takes you by the hand through a series of 25+ High Definition video tutorials that shows you how to set up and rank affiliate sites.

And to sweeten the deal, creator Chris Derenberger also includes a premium WordPress theme you can use to build your affiliate site. If you’re starting out and don’t want to use free WordPress themes, this one will save you money.

On the front-end, WP Affiliate Suite costs $16.95 at the time of writing. This comes with a complete A to Z affiliate training system to use with your custom, premium WordPress theme.

What’s Inside WP Affiliate Suite?


As with most online marketing products, there are a couple of one time offers if you wish to upgrade. But doing so is optional. And there’s a lot of value from the initial purchase alone. The training is newbie-friendly and divided into multiple sections, so you can quickly jump to or review a particular video anytime.

Below is what’s included:

Affiliate training section


An introduction to affiliate marketing and how you can make money with it.What are the best affiliate networks to join and how to get approved fast.How to find the right niche and find low-competition keywords to rank for.How to find and write for best product reviews to get quick affiliate commissions.Taking advantage of affiliate launches with launch jacking.

Once you understand how to make money with affiliate marketing, it’s time to put in the work. This is not a push-button system where you can just sit around doing nothing. So the next step is to build out your affiliate site using WordPress.

If you’ve never built a website before, there is a whole section on WordPress training to get you through the technical aspects of setting up a site.

What’s included in the WordPress training section:

How to find the right domain name, hosting and pointing it to the correct nameservers.How to install WordPress in your hosting’s cPanel.How to upload and customize the included premium theme to use as your affiliate site.Getting familiar with WordPress plugins. How to craft SEO-optimized product reviews that rank well.Get your pages indexed quickly in Google.Setting up a newsletter and building a list of subscribers.How to hide and cloak your affiliate links.How to accurately track your website’s visitors with analytic tools.How to get more commissions by setting up ads and banners on your site.


Last but not least, you’ll also be getting a list of 50,000 niche keywords to give you ideas on what kind of affiliate site you want to create. The keywords are sorted by the estimated highest CPC and estimated daily and monthly expenditure. This is so you can make an educated guess on the profitability of a niche.


The above is what’s included in the front-end price. And that alone is worth the cost. But if you want to take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level, you should consider the multiple one time offers from Chris Derenberger.

WP Affiliate Suite’s One Time Offers

OTO 1 ($47) – Advanced SEO strategies


The basic training teaches you a lot about ranking for low to medium competition keywords. But if you think you’re ready for the big leagues, then you should try and rank higher-volume, more competitive keywords.


In this OTO, Chris explains how to rank for more lucrative and harder keywords by using PBN’s, writing and building links with guest posts, getting the right social signals and using proper anchor text – so you don’t over-optimize a keyword to avoid a penalty. If you want to know how to rank for a whole lot more keywords in your niche, then you need this OTO.

OTO 2 ($45-$297) – Done-for-you niche sites


When you have an idea for a niche, you know how painstakingly the effort is to build the site with matching banners, graphics, and logos. Not to mention finding royalty-free stock photos to use on the site.


All you need to do is decide on your niche, and choose from 50 done-for-you themes that you can upload directly to your WordPress site. You can get all the themes at a 76% discount if you take advantage of this OTO.


If you skip this one, you can still purchase the themes individually in the members’ area, but at the cost of $25 per theme instead. So if you know you’ll be building lots of sites, you can save money by getting all the themes at a steep discount during this offer.

OTO 3 ($197) – Resellers license


I don’t know about you, but when I create a site, I want to make sure that I try and maximize my potential profits. Earning four to five figures from an affiliate income is excellent. But I know I can triple or quadruple that figure by making and reselling sites, especially in popular niches.


This upsell gives me the rights to use any theme and resell them for 100% of the profits. I can even go the extra mile and offer buyers SEO and content writing services for ongoing monthly income as well.

Who do I think WP Affiliate Suite is for?


For me, WP Affiliate Suite is great for beginner to intermediate affiliate marketers just starting building their first few sites. It’s even great for advanced marketers that are looking for advanced SEO strategies (from the OTO) or are looking to expand their portfolio of niche websites.


The training within WP Affiliate Suite is pretty solid if you need a strong foundation with affiliate marketing. You can go at your own pace with the videos and build your site according to your schedule. And with over 50 plus themes to choose from, you will be busy building websites for quite a while.


In terms of sustainability and profitability, I give WP Affiliate Suite a solid five stars. And you should definitely check out the course!