You Should Include Holiday Trends in Your Advertising Strategy This Season

It’s the holiday season and it’s busy for all businesses, whether they’re e-commerce or retail. Marketers have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday cheer and promote their products and services by creating festive, creative campaigns that reach new customers. You have the chance to address every aspect of your marketing strategy, whether that’s increasing your click-through rate via email, partnering up with influencers to promote products or increasing brand awareness through branded hyperlinks. Marketers always celebrate Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but there are many opportunities to use holiday marketing trends to improve your strategy beyond December.

Here are five holiday marketing trends you should include in your next strategies.

Email marketing with buyer personas is a must-do!

The holiday season presents email marketers with a challenge: creating compelling campaigns that stand out from the spam and sales that flood customers’ inboxes is a major problem. Your email campaigns can be differentiated by building them around buyer personas that use data that targets your target audience. To help you determine where your customers are in your sales funnel, buyer personas can easily be created by working closely with your marketing and sales teams. These personas are useful for communicating with customers via personalized emails that are relatable and unique, regardless of whether they’re a digital marketer at an enterprise or small business owner who is building an ecommerce store.

You can use the holiday season as a time to do market research. This will help you to understand your customers’ demographics, behavior, economic status, and then create an email marketing strategy that is specific to each customer. Your customers will be more likely to engage with and click on your emails if you’re intentional about your marketing. This holiday season will be jam-packed with businesses trying to bundle, upsell, and secure those last-minute conversions. It’s a great time to think about how your email marketing can break through the mold and connect with your customers.

Use Branded Links to Boost Engagement

Holiday marketing can be like trying to get customers to see your campaigns in a confetti bowl with your competitors. As more businesses and brands embrace digital marketing, and harness the power it offers to their customers, branded links are in high demand. Branded links that are associated with your business or brand help build trust, communicate a message, and share the location of the link. Link management platforms can be a great way to distinguish your content from the rest by allowing your sales and marketing teams to come up with creative, entertaining, and festive content.

Remarketing can be used to reach an engaged audience

E-commerce is all about generating new leads and converting shoppers to sales. What happens if your customers abandon more products than they complete checkouts? Aka – shopping cart abandonment. We have all been there. We see something we like and add it to our cart. Then we forget about it or hesitate to buy. This can lead to a loss of revenue for businesses. Retargeting your customers is an important strategic element to include in your marketing efforts to bring back visitors and customers. You can use targeted ads to entice customers to return to your site and complete the purchase.

To build authority, partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is still the king of social media. This trend only grows during the holidays when brands and businesses partner with celebrities to promote their products. You should start planning and researching about influencers before the holidays. Although micro and macro influencers can be found easily and are available to work with your company, it is important to not partner with anyone. You should approach influencers strategically based upon similar audiences and interests and if they are a good fit to your business.

A multichannel digital strategy can be developed to help you capitalize on social media marketing. Each channel should have a dedicated influencer that connects with your audience organically. Each social media platform is unique and you won’t get the same results on each one. Find out the strengths and potential uses of each influencer to help you create new leads or amplify your TikTok presence.

Keep up-to-date on social media

Customers continue to flock to social media platforms for all things, from daily news to trend information. Your marketing team can stay up-to-date with social media news, new platforms, and popular apps to help create relevant campaigns that build on the strengths of the platform. If you are looking to launch a new product this holiday season and want to know if a video campaign would perform better on YouTube than TikTok, then consider whether a video campaign is more effective.

Are you planning to promote ebooks or webinars? You can make the worst mistake during holiday hustle by not recognizing the potential power of social media to help your brand. Social media is changing rapidly and marketing strategies and content must be more flexible to allow for creative assets and out-of-the-box ideas.

Start embracing the holiday trends that are coming your way and incorporating them into your marketing strategies for this season.


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